Saltos Athletics Inc


Saltos' Canadian National Aerobic Gymnatics Team 2016 


18 athletes from Saltos Athletics have qualified to represent Canada at the International Aerobic Gymnastics Championships in Las Vegas, July 30th - August 4th, 2016.  Last year at IAC, 16 countries attended, including China, Japan, Australia, Mexico and Argentina, all very strong delegations to compete against, with Canadian athletes placing top ten in most divisions and a silver medal in the JS group division! The Canadian delegation will consist of 18 Saltos athletes, as well as 20 other team members from Hamilton, and 4 coaches.

Allison Tolgyesi - Almonte, Hannah Adrain - Perth, Madelyne Neil - Lombardy, Romy Hansen - Perth, Jenna Neil - Lombardy, Tessa O'Collin - Lombardy, Julia Millard - Perth, Olivia Merpaw - Smiths Falls, Ashley Jordan - Perth, Bailey Whiting - Perth and Grace Lockett - Lombardy, Olivia Richmond - Perth, Emily Mulville - Perth, Rylin Kilpatrick - Perth, Hannah Graham - Perth, Katie Hustins - Smiths Falls, Lera Horsfall - Portland & Penelope Patterson - Perth, will all represent Canada at the Championships!

Thanks to all our fundraising, supporters, sponsors and parents, Saltos' team will represent Canada once again with pride, gaining knowledge in their sport and recognition for all their efforts.  Congratulations to all our athletes for qualifying - go make yourself proud!!